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Protect Our Wild Forests

Public Forests in Oregon

On federal lands, we advocate for the protection of wilderness, roadless areas, mature and old growth forests, and robust investments in ecological protection that restores fish and wildlife habitat damaged by past logging and roadbuilding activities.

In our state-owned forests, the Sierra Club is working to permanently protect special places from clearcutting and other unsustainable logging practices.

Oregon’s Eastside Forests

Nearly 2/3 of Oregon's forests exist east of the Cascade Crest. More remote, drier, and less well known, these forests differ from western Oregon's forests in many ways, and have been the target of extensive logging, often promoted for the purpose of improving forest health.

The Sierra Club has worked for years to protect the forested wildlands of central and eastern Oregon, including he Deschutes, Ochoco, Malheur, Umatilla, Wallowa-Whitman National Forests, which range from the eastern slopes of the Cascades to the Blue Mountains.

Currently, the Sierra Club watchdogs timber sales in central and eastern Oregon's national forests, engages in collaborative efforts aimed at restoring lands damaged from past mismanagement, works to advance strategies to protect communities from wildfire while protecting older forests, and advocates for long-term protection for roadless areas, important fish and wildlife habitat, and old growth forests across this landscape.

We have recently launched a campaign to protect roughly 80,000 acres around Waldo Lake and Maiden Peak in the central Oregon Cascades.

Learn More about the Waldo Lake and Maiden Peak Campaign

Learn More about Central and Eastern Oregon Forest
Protection Efforts

Tillamook Forest Protection Campaign

Currently, there are no significant areas on the Tillamook, Clatsop and Santiam State Forests that are managed for long-term or permanent protection to shield them from the harmful impacts of logging and roadbuilding. Sensitive 'salmon anchor habitats' are open to extensive cutting with minimal streamside protections.

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Board of Forestry for State Forest Reserves!

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In early 2010, the Oregon Board of Forestry approved a new management plan that will open up over 100,000 acres of the Tillamook and Clatsop State Forests between Portland and the Coast up to new clear-cutting. However, in 2011, Governor John Kitzhaber called on the Board of Forestry to create new areas on state forests that would be set aside for long-term conservation. Now, in 2012, the Board of Forestry is taking up that issue.

Download our state forest protection campaign factsheet!

View a map of the Oregon North Coast Salmon Anchor

View a map of projected clearcutting in the Tillamook and
Clatsop State Forests

Tillamook Forest Committee Seeking Volunteers

Our Tillamook Forest Committee leads outings to special places in the Tillamook and Clatsop State forests, attends Board of Forestry meetings, and engages in public education to help secure greater protections for these special places. We are currently seeking new volunteers! Please contact forest organizer Chris Smith to get involved or fill out our Volunteer Interest Form.

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Old Growth

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