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Save Our Wild Salmon

Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye Salmon

Salmon Ballet

Salmon Ballet

The Columbia and Snake Rivers Campaign

The Columbia & Snake Rivers Campaign is a project of more than fifty conservation organizations, fishing associations, businesses, and taxpayer advocates committed to restoring imperiled wild salmon and steelhead runs in the Columbia and Snake River basins in the Pacific Northwest.

Recovering this national treasure will require important habitat restoration efforts, including the removal of four dams on the Lower Snake River. It will also depend on protecting and restoring resilient habitats throughout the northwest corner of the nation, from key estuaries along the Pacific coast to dozens of mountain streams in the legendary Cascade and Rocky mountain ranges.

The Sierra Club maintains a commitment to recovering wild salmon and steelhead of the Columbia and Snake Rivers in a way that benefits fish, fishermen, farmers, energy users, and communities throughout the Northwest region.

The movement to recover wild salmon and remove the four out-dated dams on the lower Snake River fits squarely within the Sierra Club's national priorities of recovering endangered species, protecting hunting and fishing opportunities through conservation, creating jobs in a greening economy, safeguarding communities, tackling global warming, and building a clean energy future.

Noah’s Ark for Salmon

Carl Pope’s Opinion-Editorial in the Los Angeles Times discusses the threats to one of the great symbols of Western abundance: wild salmon.

“The biggest, wildest, highest, coldest, healthiest and best-protected salmon habitat left south of Canada spans millions of acres and thousands of stream miles in central Idaho, eastern Oregon and southeast Washington in the headwaters of the Snake River. It is Noah’s Ark for salmon — the haven they need to reach to survive and carry on.”

Carl Pope, Sierra Club’s Executive Director

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