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Will You Join the Sierra Club's Oregon Stewardship Council Today?

We are at a crossroads in Oregon’s environmental history

The decisions we make today will impact Oregon for generations. The Sierra Club's work in Oregon has never been more important or necessary. And, our commitment to Oregon's future has never been stronger. To meet today's threats, the Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club needs reliable, independent funding that can be used when Oregon needs it most. That's why were inviting you, and other loyal friends, to join the Sierra Club's Oregon Stewardship Council.

Learn More about this Important Program (pdf)

Join the Oregon Stewardship Council!

As a member you pledge an annual investment of $250 or more to protect Oregon’s environment. Your benefits include:

Oregon Stewardship Council members provide the leadership and financial support necessary to secure a cleaner, healthier Oregon for our families and our future. If you share our vision for a better Oregon—a vision of clear skies, old growth forests, free-flowing salmon-filled streams, and wide open vistas—please, take the time to invest in our shared legacy today!