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Living Sustainably

Your Chance to Make a Better Future for Planet Earth

Planet Earth

NASA Goddard Space Flight
Center photo by Reto Stöckli

Sustainability is an economic/cultural state where the demands placed upon the natural environment by all species and particularly human beings can be met without reducing the capacity of the natural environment to provide for future generations of all species.

The result of not living in a sustainable manner means that the capacity of the natural environment to provide for future generations of living species will be reduced. Some species will not be able to persist into the future because their requirements for life, i.e. habitat, food, air, water will be so diminished, polluted or degraded that this species will not be able to survive. This may include the human species.

Living a Sustainable Lifestyle

Our goal is to encourage all individuals and families to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce their ecological footprint. The Columbia Group's Sustainability Campaign focuses on five areas of living that have a major impact on our environment and natural resources.

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Calculate Your Ecological Footprint

The Ecological Footprint Quiz estimates how much productive land and water you need to support what you use and what you discard. Take the Ecological Footprint Quiz and see what you get.

Ecological Footprint Quiz

Will it take more than one earth to support everyone on the planet living at your lifestyle? If the answer is no, congratulations, you’re already living a sustainable lifestyle. If the answer is yes, how many extra earths would it take to support everyone living like you?