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Living a Sustainable Lifestyle

Sustainable Consumption

Americans are consuming far more than their fair share of the world's natural resources; our government and culture encourage this. Learn to curb your consumerism and preserve resources for future generations.

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Sustainable Energy

Wasteful use of fossil fuels in homes and businesses creates air pollution and releases carbon dioxide (CO2) and sulfer dioxide (SO2) into the atmosphere which is accelerating the global warming trend. The US has 5% of the world's population but uses 22% of the world's fossil fuel. Learn how to save energy and money.

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Sustainable Food

Production of food in the United States is wasteful, inefficient and polluting. Learn about the true cost of food and how you can become healthier and eat more sustainably.

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Sustainable Transportation

Twenty-five percent of US greenhouse gas emissions are from cars and light trucks. Currently 40% of CO2 emissions in the Portland area are from cars. Join the growing number of Portlanders who are saving money by bicycling, walking or taking public transportation rather than driving alone.

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Are there still people at your workplace or family members who don't recycle everything they can? Be the change you wish to see and learn how and where to recycle just about everything; become a zero garbage household.

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