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Juniper Group Contacts

FlowersBroken Top Flowers
photo by Asante Riverwind
Below are the people who lead the Central Oregon efforts of the Juniper Group. All of them are dedicated to preserving our environment and fantastic Central Oregon quality of life. Feel free to contact any of them for questions about issues and initiatives you find on the other pages of this web site. And, most of all, how YOU can get involved. We need your expertise in many areas, from forest ecology to wildlife to groundwater hydrology. See the Executive Committee page for more information about the Executive Committee members.

Executive Committee
Gretchen Valido Group Chair
David Stowe Group Vice-Chair
Alison Hamway Secretary
Larry Pennington Treasurer, Webmaster
Deb Jackson Brewer Member
Meriel Darzen Member
Mathieu Federspiel Member

Committee Chairs / Issue Coordinators
Outings Alison Hamway
Political Action Gretchen Valido
Newsletter Gretchen Valido
Membership/Volunteer Coordinator Gretchen Valido
Oregon Eastside Forest Committee (Chapter) Larry Pennington
Waldo Preservation Coordinator David Stowe
Community Events Coordinator Deb Brewer
Inspiring Connections Outdoors John Griffith
Federal Projects Review and Comment Meriel Darzen
Fish and Aquatic Issues John Anderson

Outings Leaders
Deb Brewer
John Griffith
Alison Hamway
Alice LeBarron
Mia MacCollum
Steve Moore
Larry Pennington
David Stowe
Gretchen Valido

Juniper Group Contact Information
Name Email Phone
John Anderson
Deb Brewer 541.556.1182
Meriel Darzen
Mathieu Federspiel
John Griffith  
Alison Hamway 541.382.2035
Alice LeBarron 541.647.7194
Steve Moore 541.318.8784
Larry Pennington 541.316.1191
David Stowe 619.925.8191
Gretchen Valido 541.389.0785

Juniper Group Mailing Address:

Juniper Group Sierra Club
c/o Environmental Center
16 NW Kansas Ave.
Bend, OR 97701