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Recommended Community Events

"Bend Beyond Coal" Booth at Winterfest

Friday, Feb. 13, 5:00 PM thru Sunday, Feb. 15, 6:00 PM

Join us at our Winterfest booth in the Old Mill District and learn how to move Oregon (and Bend) beyond coal powered electricity.

Climate Beyond Coal

Coal Powered Bend: You didn't know Oregon was still coal powered? Then we have news for you: Oregon still gets one-third of its energy from coal; Pacific Power, Oregon’s second biggest utility company and the company that services Bend, is the worst offender, getting two-thirds of its energy from out-of-state coal plants. Pacific Power still imports 67% of it's electrical power from coal powered plants in the West! So when you flip your switch, you just burned some more coal, and sent a pulse of CO2 and all kinds of other things into that thin fragile band of atmosphere that keeps us alive.

The Solution: We have an incredible opportunity to end our dependence on dirty coal and bring more clean energy jobs to Oregon by supporting soon-to-be introduced legislation that transitions Oregon beyond coal to clean energy.

If you want to help: You can sign up for a shift at our booth and join us in telling others about this problem and it's solution. We will be distributing printed information and asking folks to sign a postcard to the Oregon Legislature. A shift is only 2 hours and training will be provided.