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Take Action

Citizens are the Rudder of our Democracy Ship

Ship of State Our Ship of State is Large and Slow to Change Direction

Without citizen input, our governments have no direction. The last eight years have demonstrated how dramatically off course our ship of state will veer if left without citizen direction. But the last decade was only the culmination of at least three decades of heading in the wrong direction. Now is the time for renewed education and participation in our governments and institutions by you the citizen.

Read the pages linked to the left for what the Juniper Group and the Oregon Chapter are already doing in Central and Eastern Oregon. We hope you will find a cause you believe in and motivate you to raise your voice to give our citizen rudder a nudge in the direction you want to go.

Oregon Chapter Take Action

The Oregon Chapter has many action activities in the Juniper Group geographic area. We participate in these actions as our volunteer resources allow, but we can use more involvement. Take a look at the Oregon Chapter pages linked on the left, then let both the Juniper Group and the Oregon Chapter contact know you would like to get involved.