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Native Bee Block

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Native Bee BoxNative Bee Block

Support Our Keep Waldo Wild Campaign

You’ve heard about the trouble honey bees are facing with Colony Collapse Disorder? Now here’s a chance to help native pollinators thrive, raise awareness about the value of native bees, and raise money for our legacy Keep Waldo Wild campaign.

Buy your Native Bee Block and help the little fellows reproduce. Most native bees are solitary nesters and don't live in colonies like honey bees do. About 1200 native bee species in North America nest in small tunnels such as hollow plant stems—and in Bee Block tunnels. We have a stock of Bee Blocks we want to sell you for $18 each. Shipping and gift wrapping are available for an extra charge.

Print out our handy Bee Block Order Form and mail it to the Juniper Group address on the form with your check payable to Juniper Group Sierra Club. Also, print out our Using Your Bee Block information sheet. The bees will thank you!