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Juniper Group Forest Goals

Lava Cast Field tripLava Cast Collaborative Field Trip with Forest Service and Nature Conservancy, photo by Larry PenningtonThe Juniper Group area contains six major National Forests. In each of these forests we seek to return forest as quickly as possible to a natural long-term growth pattern that shelters and sustains wildlife while protecting soil structural integrity. This means ceasing logging and so-called "vegetation management" in remote areas so a natural old growth structure can return through the natural processes of forest growth cycles and periodic fires. Where human activity is adjacent to the forests, any necessary management to reduce wildfire hazards caused by prior abuse of the forests must be done in accordance with the latest peer-reviewed science. Forest Management Plans must place a priority on supporting the needs of wildlife and biodiversity. The priceless role forests play in watershed purity and seasonal flow buffering must be preserved. We seek to work with Forest Service managers in a cooperative way to accomplish these objectives.

Oregon Eastside Forests Committee

In late 2009 the Oregon Chapter established an Oregon Eastside Forests Committee tasked with focusing the Sierra Club preservation efforts for those federal forests east of the Cascades Crest. These forests have issues that differ from forests in other areas of the state. The Oregon Eastside Oregon Forests Committee advocates management of these forests based on recognition of our unique eastside ecology and objectives.

The Committee’s activities focus on:

These objectives will be accomplished through:

For more information on the goals and planned activities of this committee, open the Oregon Eastside Forests Committee Workplan. If you would like to serve as a committee member, or as a non-member issue or geographical area advisor to the committee, contact the Chair Larry Pennington.

Oregon Chapter Forest Goals

Also read the Oregon Chapter Forests in Oregon page for statewide Sierra Club forest goals.

Oregon's National Forests

Oregon is blessed with beautiful National Forests: from the coasts to the High Cascades to Hell's Canyon. Click on the map to open a larger version.

Oregon's National ForestsOregon's National Forests (Click on the image to open a larger version)