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The Juniper Group's Goals for Central and Eastern Oregon

The Juniper Group functions both independently and in concert with the Oregon Chapter Goals and the National Sierra Club Goals by implementing these within Central and Eastern Oregon, as well as working toward our own identified goals for the area. Our goals are described on the pages to the left by natural resource.

Our overarching purpose is to preserve the beauty and natural resources of this vast and diverse area, from the sparkling Cascades across endless miles of dotted sagebrush to the edge of Hell's Canyon and into the remote Owyhee Canyonlands, by minimizing human impact. Where we have chosen to reside and play, we seek to live in concert with our natural resources and beauty so our children will be able to also enjoy, benefit, and sustain themselves from the earth's resources.

Read the pages listed on the left and we hope you'll become inspired to join our efforts. Many of the ways you can help are described on the Volunteer Opportunities page. Then fill out our Volunteer Form or call our Chair and Volunteer Coordinator, Gretchen Valido.