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Juniper Group Library

Pine Mountain Deer Pine Mountain Deer, photo by Marilyn Miller The Juniper Group Library provides the source documents for many of our actions to protect Central and Eastern Oregon's environmental treasures. 

The Comments and Appeals page provides links to the documents filed with various governmental agencies during the last two years commenting on proposed actions (proposed timber sales, grazing rights leases, environmental assessments, or long range management plans), or appealing decisions which are not in accordance with the law or violate the Sierra Club positions on how to scientifically best manage our natural resources.

The Resources page contains articles written by Juniper Group members or guests presenters at our monthly meeting series that provide a philosophical statement on the environment that has long term value.

The E-Newletter Archive contains electronic newsletters that are two years or more old.

The WJJ Archive provides links to our paper newsletter, "Wild Juniper Journal", published until 2010 when the rising costs of printing and postage forced us to move to all electronic communications.

The Federal Archive pages contain completed, inactive, or cancelled projects. Information on these projects is retained to facilitate continued monitoring of the impact of the projects over time, or to provide a reference when new projects are proposed in the same vicinity.