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Juniper Group News

"Bend Beyond Coal" Booth at Winterfest

Friday, Feb. 13, 5:00 PM thru Sunday, Feb. 15, 6:00 PM

Join us at our Winterfest booth in the Old Mill District and learn how to move Oregon (and Bend) beyond coal powered electricity.

Climate Beyond Coal

Coal Powered Bend: You didn't know Oregon was still coal powered? Then we have news for you: Oregon still gets one-third of its energy from coal; Pacific Power, Oregon’s second biggest utility company and the company that services Bend, is the worst offender, getting two-thirds of its energy from out-of-state coal plants. Pacific Power still imports 67% of it's electrical power from coal powered plants in the West! So when you flip your switch, you just burned some more coal, and sent a pulse of CO2 and all kinds of other things into that thin fragile band of atmosphere that keeps us alive.

The Solution: We have an incredible opportunity to end our dependence on dirty coal and bring more clean energy jobs to Oregon by supporting soon-to-be introduced legislation that transitions Oregon beyond coal to clean energy.

If you want to help: You can sign up for a shift at our booth and join us in telling others about this problem and it's solution. We will be distributing printed information and asking folks to sign a postcard to the Oregon Legislature. A shift is only 2 hours and training will be provided.


2015 Program Nights

WE'VE CHANGED OUR NIGHT, to the Third Wednesday of the Month

In response to feedback from our members and conflicts with really good programs sponsored by other organizations in Bend, we've moved our regular monthly Program Night to the Third Wednesday of the month. For meeting times, places, and schedule for the next three months, go to our Meetings page.

February Program Night

"Tell It On The Mountain: the story of the Pacific Crest Trail" - The Film

Wednesday, February 18, film starts at 6:45

Tell It On The Mountain

This film follows six hikers who attempt the heroic feat of doing the Pacific Crest Trail--five months, 2,663 miles, Mexican border to Canada, six of North America's seven ecozones. What is it like to face bone-dry deserts, raging rivers, snow-covered mountain passes, mosquitoes, blisters, torrential rains… and the urge to quit?

Called by nature to leave their lives behind, these determined thru-hikers set out to spend five months passing through 33 designated wilderness areas, 24 national forests, 7 national and 6 state parks. Unlike Cheryl Strayed's personal journey in WILD, this film's main character is the trail. See the epic views, the wild life, the food caches, the dangerous snowfields. Learn about Trail Angels. Experience the PCT... and the many embattled feet!

Central Oregon Inspiring Connections Outdoors (COICO)

New Name, Same Mission

Helping Kids Get Out in Nature

Sierra Club has changed the name of our program to get kids outdoors, Inner City Outings, to Inspiring Connections Outdoors. Not all communities have "inner cities", but all communities have kids that need help experiencing the great outdoors and the joys of Mother Nature. We think the new name better connotes our efforts to get all kids everywhere into the forests, deserts, and anywhere out under the sun or rain or snow.

For more information on how to become a part of this program here in Central Oregon, go to our Central Oregon Inspiring Connections Outdoors page.


Celebrate the Wilderness Act's 50th Anniversary

1964 to 2014

On On September 3rd, the nation celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act. When President Lyndon B. Johnson signed this bill into law, 9.1 million acres of wildlands were set aside for the benefit and use of the American people. Over the past 50 years, over 100 million acres have been added. A national Wilderness50 team is planning educational events, projects, programs and products to raise awareness and appreciation of wilderness, culminating in a magnificent celebration and conference in Albuquerque, NM October 15-19, 2014. Visit the national celebration website at: For more information on Oregon's Wilderness Areas and potential Wilderness, go to our dedicated Wilderness page: Wilderness 50th Celebration .

The 2014 Waldo Weekend Campout is History

Waldo LakeTwins Viewers 2014
Photo by Richard Turk

And it was another rousing success!

As those of you who joined us on the Waldo Campout August 15-17 can attest, the weekend gave us perfect weather for our hikes, the pot luck dinner, and relaxation. Sixty campers left with their hearts tethered to Waldo’s magnificence—the towering Douglas Firs, the quiet inlet beaches along Waldo Lake, the view atop the Twins, the Charlton Lake trail’s boulder scramble, even the juicy wild huckleberries for the taking along the trails. Some of us greeted Waldo 100k ultra-marathoners as they bounded along their demanding route.

Now we’re moving on to finalizing our Congressional bill language and taking it to Washington DC! For information on our campaign and where it's at, go to our KWW Campaign page.

But, in 2015 - We're Gonna Do It Again!

Save This Date: August 28 - 30, 2015

Michael Brune Visits Oregon

July Visit Tours Waldo, Hardesty Mtn., Eugene, and the Wilds of Portland

Brune and Friends Michael Brune and Friends at Waldo after Mountain Biking with COTA Woody

Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune visited Oregon with his family this July. Their visit took them on a tour of Waldo Lake while camping at Crescent Lake, followed by visits to Hardesty Mountain with the Many Rivers Group, an interview by the Eugene Register Guard Editorial Board, and then on to Portland for a joint event at the Sierra Club offices with former National Sierra Club Executive Director Mike McCloskey.

His Waldo Lake visit allowed him to experience first-hand why the Oregon Chapter has proposed that 76,000 acres there be permanently conserved as Forest Conservation and Wilderness Areas. Stakeholders from the Central Oregon and Oakridge mountain bike community, the Forest Service, great-grandsons of Judge Waldo for whom the lake is named, and staff from Senator Merkley’s office learned more about the Sierra Club’s vision for the future of Waldo lands as we sat alongside Waldo Lake. Then we hiked around Charlton Lake, picnicked, and mountain biked to Bobby Lake—great fun.

For more fun details about Michael's family visit to Oregon, read the Oregon Sierra Club Blog post at Welcoming Michael Brune and Family to Oregon. Michael also posted a fun blog entry on Huff Post Green about his Waldo Lake experience: "Here's Waldo" by Michael Brune.

Ochoco Summit Trail System Project

Ochoco ORV Stream Crossing Ochoco ORV Stream Crossing

Sierra Club Files a Joint Objection to this Project

The Record of Decision (ROD) for this project was issued by the Ochoco National Forest Supervisor in March 2014. Alternative 3 Modified was selected to be implemented. This Alternative will created 129 miles of OHV roads and trails in the vicinity of Big Summit Prairie, including 50 miles of new construction, at a total cost of $535,047. The Sierra Club filed an objection to this ROD jointly with Wild Earth Guardians/Wildlands CPR, Oregon Wild, and Cascadia Wildlands on April 28, 2014. The full text of this Objection can be read at Ochoco Summit Trail System Project Objection. More information on this project and the bases for our Objection can be read on the Take Action/Federal Areas/Ochoco NF page.

The Sierra Club takes great exception with implementing any of the Alternatives other than Alternative 1, No Action. The impacts of increased OHV usage on existing forest experiences and values that are currently available in this public land would be too great, and the expenditure of precious funds for just 0.2% of users is not justified. The Ochoco’s would be irreparably degraded should this project plan proceed.

Juniper Group Book Club?


Some of us in the Juniper Group are interested in starting a Book Club with a focus on adventure, travel and environmental topics. Our thought is to begin in January and keep it informal. We can hold the meetings once a month at someone's house and share ideas about what books to read, and once the group decides on a list, we’ll meet monthly to talk about our reactions and opinions. If you’re interested, please contact Cindy Harvey at

Tran-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement

Corporate Personhood on Steroids

Fast-Track Congressional vote by end of year targeted by Administration: As mentioned in our two most recent E-Newsletters, the TPP is being negotiated in unprecedented secrecy to avoid public outcry. The content, process and effects of this “NAFTA of the Pacific”, or “NAFTA on steroids,” are deeply troubling to our democracy, including the downward pressure on our fundamental environmental protections. While over 600 U.S. corporate trade lobbyists have access to negotiations as certified participants, the public, media and Congress are being denied any access. The TPP touches on a broad range of issues—the environment, workers’ wages and jobs, agriculture, health, food safety, access to medicines, and more.

Corporations will be able to Sue to Overturn US Law! A leaked draft of the investment section of TPP reveals that it will follow the model of allowing foreign corporations to sue governments directly, for unlimited cash compensation, over almost any domestic environmental or other law that the corporation believes is hurting its ability to profit. Not only would these cases threaten laws designed to protect our health and environment, they do so in a completely non-transparent manner. To date under other trade agreements, corporations such as Exxon Mobil and Dow Chemical have launched more than 500 cases against 95 governments, reaping mega bucks. The TPP would put corporations above national and state law. As Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Florida) stated, the TPP, “if approved by the Senate and signed by Obama, will nullify multiple areas of US law. It is the concrete realization of ‘corporate personhood’.”

The Multinational Corporate State: This means we could be facing more multinational corporate control, a weakened federal government, and an agreement wherein corporate profits take precedence over human rights and the earth… if TPP passes in Congress. We would have even less ability to make choices for our families and the kind of world we want to live in.

Contact your Congresspersons! If you have not yet, this is the time to contact Rep. Greg Walden and Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden to express disapproval of Fast-Track voting for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Send Your EmailWe Need Your Email Address!

Because of cost, our communications from the Juniper Group to you, our members, have become all electronic. We send out a monthly email Newsletter (also avialable on E-Newsletters) to keep you up to date on what's happening in the Juniper Group area. But we need your email address to do that. The easiest way is to just fill out our Email Newsletter Signup Form and click Submit. You can also email our Chair and Newsletter Editor Gretchen Valido.