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Juniper Group Outings

Outings Information

Deschutes River Canyon Deschutes River Canyon
Photo by Larry Pennington

Juniper Group Outings are for the enjoyment and enlightenment of all who care about nature, the environment, and the preservation of our natural resources. What you see often is not what you expected to see! And that may get you energized to help change what you see. But, whatever you see, you will meet others who are dedicated to Sierra Club values. Both members and non-members are welcome. Come join us! Please note the level of difficulty and choose outings that match your abilities. To learn more about our Outings program, contact our Outings Coordinator, Alison Hamway.

Statewide Sierra Club Outings can be found at the Oregon Chapter Outings Calendar page. The Oregon Chapter High Desert Committee also conducts an Outings trip schedule, many of them in the Juniper Group area. Their schedule is found at High Desert Outings.