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Juniper Group Hikes

Hikes for 2012

Hiking the CascadesHiking the Cascades
photo by Larry Pennington

Our hikes for 2012 are over. But we're working on our schedule for 2013 right now.

Check back in January and there should be a new 2013 Hikes page right here. AND, all our hikes and other meetings will be on our new Sierra Club - Juniper Group on site, too.

About Our Schedule

Below is our schedule of hikes for 2012. The schedule is a work in progress, and will be amended as the year progresses, so keep checking back for new hikes and schedule changes. Last year we added several new Juniper Group hike leaders, which allowed us to greatly expand our warm weather outdoor outings program. This year we expect to add a few more leaders, so we are excited about the possibility of continuing to expand our outings program. As these new leaders become available, we plan to add new hikes to the schedule.

Is the Hike Appropriate for You?

It is important that you evaluate whether this outing is appropriate for you. While most of these hikes are day hikes and fall in the easy to moderate category, that's our evaluation of the hike as experienced hikers, and the evaluation of hiking guide books listed at the bottom. If your hiking experience is limited, several miles and several hundred feet of elevation gain may be more of a challenge than you expect. For more information about the nature of the hike, most hikes reference a published hiking guide book (see the full reference at the bottom of the schedule). Any medical conditions should be discussed with the Leader.  If you are thinking of bringing children, please inform the hike leader and have a discussion about the appropriateness of the hike for your children. Also note that some hikes are open to trail experienced dogs and others are not. If you would like to bring a dog on a hike marked "Dogs OK", contact the trip leader.

Contact the Leader

You must contact the Leader by email or phone to confirm your attendance and meeting location prior to the hike. Leader contact information is available on our Contacts page. Group hikes in the Three Sisters and Waldo Wilderness Areas are limited to 12 persons by Forest Service rules. Hikes in the Oregon Badlands Wilderness are limited to 20 persons. And, given the uncertainty of the weather in Central Oregon and the Cascades, plans may change at the last minute, so we need to be able to get in touch with you. We will meet at a designated time and location to car pool to the trailhead. Plan to reimburse your driver $3 to $5 for gas, depending on length of the drive. Also, if you are time constrained for the day, discuss this with the trip leader when you sign-up to ensure you are not unduly constraining the other hikers. On some hikes there are options to extend the hike or take side trips, and we usually stop on the way home for refreshments and some social time. Wear comfortable boots (a must) and several clothing layers to accommodate changing weather conditions. And before we depart the trailhead, we will need you to sign the Sierra Club Sign-in Sheet and Liability Waiver.

Schedule Changes

The Dry River Canyon hike has been rescheduled from 10/27 to 11/3 due to the leader's personal schedule.

2012 Juniper Group Hikes
Date Hike Location Description Difficulty Dist. Elev. Leader
3/10 Badlands Rock Badlands From Badlands Rock trailhead off Hwy 20 hike into Badlands Rock through Juniper and lava uplifts. Option to hike over to Castle and Flatiron Rocks and return via Flatiron Rock and Homestead trails. Limit of 20. Dogs OK, Kids OK. Easy 6 0 Larry Pennington
3/31 Steelhead Falls Crooked River Ranch Deschutes River plunges to a churning pool in this scenic rimrock canyon. We'll hike upstream to an unofficial trail up a side canyon to tall rock tower, then hike cross country across a rimrock plateau and down another side canyon to our lunch spot on the river. No dogs. (Alison) Moderate 5 650 Alison Hamway
4/07 Horse Ridge Hwy 20 East From Horse Ridge Trailhead off old HWY 20, we'll do a steep climb up Sand Canyon mountain bike trail to the ridge. Turn west at the ridge top and hike across to a wonderful viewpoint of Newberry and the Cascades. Dogs OK, contact leader. No kids. (David) Click here for 2011 Horse Ridge Hike Photos. Moderate to Difficult 8 1300 David Stowe
4/14 Scout Camp Crooked River Ranch Hike down into Deschutes River Canyon to the intersection of the Deschutes with Whychus Creek, then back up another way for a loop. Some loose shale and some steep descents and climbs. No dogs. Kids OK, contact hike leader. (Oregon Favorites: pg. 75) Click here for last year's Scout Camp Hike Photos. Moderate 3 600 Larry Pennington
4/28 Misery Ridge Smith Rock State Park Climb up to Misery Ridge from the Crooked River and back down the other way. Guaranteed heavy breathing with great Central Oregon views for a reward. Dogs on leash at all times. (Sullivan CO 100, pg 84) Moderate 4 800 Deb Brewer
5/05 Tam-a-lau Trail Cove Palisades State Park From the Upper Deschutes Day Use area hike up onto the Peninsula between the Crooked and Deschutes Rivers. Treat yourself to views of the lake as well as all of the Central Cascades peaks from Bachelor to Hood. No dogs. (Best Easy Day Hikes: pg. 100) Moderate 7.2 650 Alison Hamway
5/12 Shevlin Park Loop Shevlin Park Road, Bend Hike along Tumalo Creek, then up to the ridge, back down, and return on the other side of the creek. Dogs OK on leash, kids OK (contact leader). (Best Easy Day Hikes, pg. 18; Sullivan CO 100, pg. 86) Easy 4.9 250 Gretchen Valido
6/08 Metolius River Camp Sherman Sullivan starts hike at Lower Canyon Creek and hikes down to fish hatchery, passing numerous springs and falls. Other options are to start at hatchery and hike upstream (easier access), or hike downstream from hatchery and return. The wildflowers should be wonderful. Dogs OK, contact leader. (Sullivan CO 100, pg 76) Click here for 2011 Metolius River Hike Photos. Easy 5.4 100 Deb Brewer
6/09 Alder Springs Holmes Road, between Sisters and Terrebonne Descend into the Whychus Creek canyon, ford the creek (you'll need water shoes), and hike on through the canyon to Alder Springs, a lush meadow with pond and Ponderosas. An option is to continue downstream to the Deschutes River intersection for lunch on a scenic rock (across from Scout Camp trail). No dogs, no kids. (Sullivan CO 100: pg. 82) Moderate 6.8 to 8.6 1600 to 1900 Alison Hamway
7/07 Lookout Mountain Ochoco NF, near Ochoco Ranger Station Trail winds through forest and meadows to the open summit and back down a different way for a loop. Side trip to a rustic warming shelter near the summit. Go for the flowers! Lots of flowers! No dogs, no kids. (Bishop Geology, pg 213) Click here for 2011 Lookout Mountain Hike Photos Moderate 7 1220 Alison Hamway
7/28 Black Crater McKenzie Pass Hike from McKenzie Pass Hwy up through dense forest until you reach switchbacks and open alpine terrain with great views from the top. Limit of 12. Dogs OK. (Sullivan CO 100, pg 120) Difficult 7.4 2500 Dave Stowe
8/11 Tam MacArthur Rim McKenzie Hwy For the most beautiful hike in Oregon, leave Three Creek Lake and hike through forest to the sheer cliff wall of the Rim, then absorb the sheer beauty of your surroundings. The hike can be extended on to Broken Hand for the more ambitious. Limit of 12. Dogs OK. (Sullivan CO 100, pg 128) Moderate 5 1200 Larry Pennington
8/11 Matthieu Lakes McKenzie Hwy Hike to two Cascade Lakes, one in a windswept mountain pass surrounded by Cascade peaks; the other in the woods with lava flows. Easy-moderate loop hike mostly through woods; top ridge has great views. No dogs, limit of 12. (Sullivan CO 100, pg 118) Click here for 2011 Matthieu Lakes Hike Photos. Easy to Moderate 6 800 Alison Hamway
8/24-26 Waldo Car Camp Waldo Lake Car camp Friday and Saturday night at a Waldo Lake campground. There will be a long and short hikes on Saturday followed by short hike Sunday so people can head home. This will be a joint activity with Many Rivers and maybe Mary’s Peak groups. Dogs OK, contact leader. Click here for 2011 Waldo Weekend Photos. Variety TBD TBD David Stowe
9/08 Jefferson Park Hwy 22, near Detroit About 10 mile west of Detroit, drive 7.4 miles to Trailhead. Trail joins PCT, which takes you into and through the Park by numerous lakes and meadows. Lunch in the shadow of Mt. Jefferson. Return in awe. Limit of 12. Dogs OK. (Sullivan CO 100, pg 60) Difficult 10.2 1800 Dave Stowe
9/08 Tumalo Falls Skyliner Road Start at Tumalo Falls, and hike up the Bridge Creek trail through old growth forest to a beautiful spring and meadow, then an easy off trail hike next to a stream and through large meadows that are the headwaters of Tumalo Creek. Here we'll break for lunch and some casual exploration of the meadows and the riparian areas. We’ll then continue down slope to the upper falls on Tumalo Creek, and take the trail back to Tumalo falls. No dogs. (David) Click here for 2011 Bridge and Tumalo Creek Hike Photos. Difficult 10.5 1100 David Stowe
9/15 Green Lakes Cascade Lakes Hwy Start at Fall Creek trailhead across from Sparks Lake. The trail climbs through forest alongside Fall Creek for 1.5 miles of tumbling sparkling waterfall extravaganza, followed by meadows and flowers, and then a climb alongside a massive lava wall. The final treat is the Green Lakes basin with Broken Top and South Sister towering around you. Limit of 12. No dogs. (Sullivan CO 100, pg 134) Click here for 2011 Green Lakes Hike Photos. Moderate 8.4 1100 Deb Brewer
9/29 Mirror Lake Cascade Lakes Hwy Hike into the lake, then return via Wickiup Plain through forests, ponds, and meadows. Limit of 12. No dogs, no kids. (Sullivan CO 100, pg 138) Moderate 6.8 600 Alison Hamway
9/29 Maiden Peak Waldo Lake Area The hike is 8 miles round trip with 2500 feet of elevation gain to the summit of Maiden Peak with panoramic views. A side trip to  Maiden lake adds about a mile to the total, and can be optional depending on how we feel. It's a beautiful hike through old growth  forests in the Maiden Peak roadless area that we are trying to get permanent protection for with our Keep Waldo Wild campaign.  Dogs OK, contact leader. (David) Difficult 8 2500 David Stowe
11/03 Dry River Canyon Hwy 20 East Explore the Dry River Canyon that once drained the Millican Valley. This is only open September through February. No dogs, kids OK. (Best Easy Day Hikes, pg. 22) Easy 5 150 Alison Hamway

Many Rivers Group (Eugene) Hikes in Waldo Area

9/22 Fuji Mountain Waldo Lake Area Hike up through open forest with several switchbacks to a magnificent view overlooking Waldo Lake. Moderate 4 950 Sign up required with Many Rivers Meetup

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