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Juniper Group Snow Trips

Snow Trips 2015

Snow SceneSnow is Beautiful!
photo by Larry Pennington


No snow trips are scheduled for this winter so far. This is combination of: no snow; and no snow trip leaders. There isn't much we can do about the snow. But if you'd like to become a snow trip leader (requires Sierra Club Outings Leader training), contact our Outings Chair Alison Hamway.

Is the Outing Appropriate for You?

It is important that you evaluate whether this outing is appropriate for you. While most of these winter outings are in the easy to moderate category, that's our evaluation as experienced outings leaders, and you may have a very different understanding of these categories. If you are not experienced at winter outings, it is mandatory that you contact the outings leader and discuss whether your physical conditioning level and your snow equipment are appropriate for the planned outing. Any medical conditions should be discussed with the leader.  If you are thinking of bringing children, please inform the outing leader and have a discussion about the appropriateness of the outing for your children. No dogs on our winter outings.

Contact the Leader

You must contact the Leader by email or phone to confirm your attendance and meeting location prior to the outing. Leader contact information is available on our Contacts page. Group outings in the Three Sisters and Waldo Wilderness Areas are limited to 12 persons by Forest Service rules. And, given the uncertainty of the weather in Central Oregon and the Cascades, plans may change at the last minute, so we need to be able to get in touch with you. We will meet at a designated time and location to car pool to the trailhead. Plan to reimburse your driver $3 to $5 for gas, depending on length of the drive. Also, if you are time constrained for the day, discuss this with the trip leader when you sign-up to ensure you are not unduly constraining the other participants. On some outings there are options to extend the hike or take side trips, and we usually stop on the way home for refreshments and some social time. And, the weather conditions may present unexpected conditions that may extend the time required for the outing.  And before we depart the trailhead, we will need you to sign the Sierra Club Sign-in Sheet and Liability Waiver.

Abilities, Equipment, and Clothing

No snow gear (skis or snowshoes) are provided, so you are responsible for providing own your equipment in good working condition. Please be responsible about knowing your own abilities and providing clothing and equipment appropriate to the outing. The outing leader has complete authority (and responsibility) to refuse to allow you to participate if they feel you are not physically capable or you do not have equipment appropriate for the outing.

No snow trips are planned right now. Please check back as we progress through the winter.