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Bridge and Tumalo Creeks Hike Photos

October 1, 2011

David saved the best hike for the last hike. From the the trailhead, we took the first left and headed up Bridge Creek. After some climbing, we came to the Metolius-Windigo Trail: take it. Then, after a while, angle to the right along the Tumalo/Bridge Creek diversion canal. It was nice and very pretty, but still unsuspecting, we arrived at the diversion dam. After crawling across the diversion pipes, we blindly followed our leader upstream.

And there! There were acres and acres of water just flowing out of the ground! All around us. Just out of the rocks and grass and tree roots. Most amazing sight in Central Oregon. So now we know where Bend gets it's water (too bad they put chlorine in it). After our treat, we followed our leader down Tumalo Creek (middle fork) through verdant meadows teasing us with patches of ripe blueberries. Yummy! Then on to the falls - falls, falls, and more falls. Until we arrive at the one last big Tumalo Falls, and reluctantly find our ride back home.

A hike NOT to be missed. But if you did, maybe we'll do it again next year.


To Your Left, Up Bridge Creek