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Keep Waldo Wild: Contacts and Endorsements

Get Involved: Contact Us

We have some ambitious goals for 2014, but the only way they will be accomplished is by multiplying our people power. Everyone involved in our Keep Waldo Wild is a volunteer with jobs and families and sometimes other lives, too. So we need YOU and your talents to have a hope of accomplishing all our 2014 Campaign Plan goals.

Below is our contact list. Find your interest and give the right person a call or email.

Keep Waldo Wild Contact Information
Role Name Email Phone
Waldo Visionary, Endorsements, Congressional Liaison, Video David Stowe 619.925.8191
Volunteer Coordinator, Graphics (displays & brochures), Letters to Editor, Wilderness 50 Gretchen Valido 541.389.0785
Events Coordinator Deb Brewer 541.556.1182
Legislative Language Meriel Darzen
Outings Alison Hamway 541.382.2035
Campaign Plan, Web Pages, Waldo Campout Larry Pennington 541.316.0866
Naturist - flora & fauna Lisa Schmidt

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Our Endorsements

Here are our endorsements to date. Keep checking back for more.

KWW Campaign Endorsements
Organization Date Contact Letter Org. Web Link
Sisters Trail Alliance 12/28/2013 Gary Guttormsen STA Letter STA
Central Oregon Trail Alliance 01/10/2014 Woody Starr COTA Letter COTA
International Mountain Bicycling Association 03/26/2014 Anna Laxague IMBA Letter IMBA

Waldo from FujiWaldo Lake from Fuji Mountain - Photo by Mike Brinkley