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Join Us For Our 2014 Waldo Campout Weekend!

August 15 to 17, Waldo Lake Car Campout and Hiking Weekend

Shadow Bay Campground

Shadow BayShadow Bay Campsite

The 2014 Waldo Weekend Campout will be held August 15-17, Friday-Sunday, at the Shadow Bay Campground on the southern end of the lake. Group Site B, Sites 25 thru 43, is reserved for Friday and Saturday nights and will accommodate 60 to 120 people.

Because of the significant cost of reserving the Group campsite, you are being asked to pay $20 per adult  and $10 per child 17 and under for the entire weekend (two nights).

Your party will also be asked to share a campsite with other parties unless you have a large number (more than six) in your party. The campground has the usual Forest Service toilet and drinking water facilities, but no showers or electrical hookups.

There are additional single campsites available that accommodate 6 people each for $20 per night per campsite. You can reserve these campsites (you pay) through the - Shadow Bay website. However, as of May 9, they all appear to be reserved. Other sites may be available at Shadow Bay on a first-come basis, and there are two other campgrounds at Waldo Lake: Islet and North Waldo.

How to Register Using This Web Page

Register Here

Our Waldo Weekend Campout campsite coordinator Deb Brewer is taking campsite reservations and will be assigning campsites. To reserve a campsite in the Shadow Bay Campground group area, fill out the form below and click on "RSVP Now!" An email will be sent to Deb requesting your campsite reservation. She will return an email to you confirming your request.

Before registering, please read the Waldo Weekend Campout page, if you have not already done so. It is important that you understand what you are signing up for and read the precautions and limitations on that page.

Payment Methods

You can make payment by check:

Big Note: Your reservation is not complete until you have both: registered; and made payment.

Answer the questions below, then click on RSVP Now! at the bottom, and an email will be sent to Deb Brewer, telling her you will be there, your party size, and whether you want to reserve a place in the group campsite for the weekend!

Reservation Form

I'll Be There

I plan to attend the Waldo Campout Weekend:

Make sure we have your latest contact information

Deb Brewer will contact you to firm up the details for the campsite, find out how many are in your party (if not provided below), and be able to contact you if anything changes. As a minimum, we need your name, email address, and a phone number.

Update My Contact Information:
* Minimum required information.
* Your Name:
* Email Address:
Street or POB:
Zip Code:
* Home Phone:
Cell Phone:

Information about your party

Party Size:

Hike Preferences for each person in your party:

Legal Stuff

Each participant will be asked to sign the Sierra Club Sign-in Sheet and Liability Waiver form when you arrive for the Campout Weekend. Also, if there are children in your party, we will ask the accompanying adult to sign a Individual Liability Waiver for Minors. And while Shadow Bay Campground is not all that remote, it is many miles from the nearest medical facility, so if you have a significant medical problem, please let us know. We may ask you to fill out our Medical Form so we are fully aware of your condition and it's implications for our planned activities.


For more information, ask here:

Thank you for letting us know you'll be camping with us at Waldo Lake. We'll be in touch soon.