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Waldo Weekend Campout

The 2013 Campout is history. But: put August 15 to 17, 2014, on your calendar; we're gonna do it again!

And While You're Waiting, Relive Some History

Click HERE to Open the Album in Picasa Web Albums. Click "Slideshow" in Picasa to start from the Beginning.

Enjoy Our 2013 Waldo Campout Photo Album

We know we're a little tardy, but better late than ..., right? Thanks to Gretchen, our Energizer Bunny Photo Lady, we've assembled 177 sparkling fun photos from the Campout. She and our volunteer photographers (each photo is attributed) document the brilliant blues and greens of the Waldo landscape, our hikes into the unknown (no death marches this year), the happy campground scene, our Saturday night program of many guests and copius information about Waldo and it's fascinating history, and finally an intimate visit to Judge Waldo's favorite campsite on the lake, Camp Edith, with his grandsons Bruce and Brian. The slideshow is in Google Picasa Web Albums, so click on the link below the mini-slideshow to open Picasa Web Albums and ENJOY!

2013 Waldo Lake Car Campout and Hiking Weekend

Waldo LakeWaldo Lake from The Twins Waldo Campfire Campfire Gathering Shadow BayWaldo Lake Shadow Bay

Why We're Camping Out

The Oregon Sierra Club Eastside Forest Committee has initiated a campaign to provide greater protection for the forested areas east of Waldo Lake, a beautiful region 35 miles southwest of Bend containing abundant old growth and roadless areas. Currently it is unprotected beyond its federal forest status. For more information on what we're proposing, look at our Keep Waldo Wild web page. This weekend car campout is designed to introduce you Waldo Lake’s environs and treat you to its plentiful attractions. We hope you’ll become as excited about preserving the area east and south of Waldo Lake as we are!

Who's Invited?

Everyone who cares about Waldo Lake and preserving an untrammeled old growth forest experience! Last year we had 50 campers from the Juniper (Bend), Many Rivers (Eugene), and Mary's Peak (Corvallis), and Columbia (Portland) Sierra Club Groups plus several new faces to all of us. This year, we're hoping even more "Waldonians" will join us, so we've again reserved the same group campsite (see below) that will accommodate up to 120 campers.

Shadow Bay Campground

The 2013 Waldo Weekend Campout will be held August 23-25, Friday-Sunday, at the Shadow Bay Campground on the southern end of the lake. Group Site B, Sites 25 thru 43, is reserved for Friday and Saturday nights and will accommodate 60 to 120 people.

Your party will be asked to share a campsite with other parties unless you have a large number (more than six) in your party. The campground has the usual Forest Service toilet and drinking water facilities, but no showers or electrical hookups.

Because of the significant cost of reserving the Group campsite, you are being asked to pay $20 per person for the entire weekend (two nights).

There are additional single campsites available that accommodate 6 people each for $20 per night per campsite. You can reserve these campsites (you pay) through the - Shadow Bay website.

How to Register

Registration is Closed. We're full for the weekend.

But you can still inquire about your reservation by emailing Deb Brewer, our campsite coordinator.

You can still make payment by:

Big Note: Your reservation is not complete until you have both: registered; and made payment by either check or credit card.

Legal Stuff

Each participant will be asked to sign the Sierra Club Sign-in Sheet and Liability Waiver form when you arrive for the Campout Weekend. Also, if there are children in your party, we will ask the accompanying adult to sign an Individual Liability Waiver for Minors. And while Shadow Bay Campground is not all that remote, it is many miles from the nearest medical facility, so if you have a significant medical problem, please let us know. We may ask you to fill out our Medical Form so we are fully aware of your condition and its implications for our planned activities.

Children and Dogs

Children are welcome to the campout, though most hikes will be too difficult for younger children.

Dogs are also welcome to camp if trained and quiet. However, we are asking you to tell us if you are bringing a dog so we can keep a running tally of how many dogs are coming: too many dogs in strange surroundings can make it unpleasant for all, including the dogs. In addition, if you want to bring your dog on a hike, each trip leader will want to know about your dog’s training and experience before accepting it on a hike, and we may need to limit the number of dogs on any one hike for everyone's enjoyment and safety.

Weekend Schedule and Hikes

There will be a variety of hikes to accommodate different fitness levels and abilities so everyone has a chance to see a beautiful spot and enjoy the outing. Depending on the number of campers and available hike leaders, the number of hikes will be expanded to accommodate everyone and provide a variety for different interests and abilities. You can also swim, sail, kayak, bike, or hike on your own, but we cannot organize or assume responsibility for those activities you may choose to do on your own. Our preliminary weekend schedule is:



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