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Plants of Marys Peak

Marys Peak is a lodestone for botanists and recreationists because of its distinctive vegetation and diverse plant life. A number of plants on the summit are at the extremes of their range. Botanists have recorded more than 200 flowering plants in the summit area. As you hike up the peak or walk about the summit area you will encounter three main plant habitats - forest, dominated by either the majestic noble fir or Douglas-fir, the summit meadow, and a south western-facing fragile ’rock garden”.

Below are listed 60 of the common flowering plants together with their growth form (whether they occupy the Tree layer, Shrub layer or Herb layer), and principal habitat.

For more detailed information about the plant life of Marys Peak please contact the Native Plant Society of Oregon.

Common Plants of Marys Peak
Common Name Scientific Name Growth Form Habitat
Arrow-leafed grounsel Senecio triangularis Herb Forest
Beargrass Xerophyllum tenax Herb Meadow
Bigleaf sandwort Arenaria macrophylla Herb Forest
Bluefield gilia Gilia capitata Herb Rock Garden
Bracken fern Pteridium aquilinum Herb Forest
California sedge Carex californica Herb Meadow
Candy flower Montia sibirica Herb Forest
Cardwell's penstemon Penstemon cardwellii Herb Rock Garden
Common lomatium Lomatium utriculatum Herb Meadow
Douglas-fir Pseudotsuga menziesii Tree Forest
Dwarf oregongrape Berberis nervosa Herb Forest
Early blue violet Viola adunca Herb Meadow
Evergreen violet Viola sempervirens Herb Forest
Field chickweed Cerastium arvense Herb Meadow
Foamflower Tiarella trifoliata Herb Forest
Foxglove Digitalis purpurea Herb Forest
Fringecup Tellima grandiflorum Herb Forest
Giant fawn lily Erythronium oreganum Herb Meadow
Harsh paintbrush Castilleja hispida Herb Rock Garden
Little wild rose Rosa gymnocarpa Shrub Forest
Oxyeye daisy Chrysanthemum leucanthemum Herb Meadow
Martindale's lomatium Lomatium martindalei Herb Rock Garden
Menzies' larkspur Delphinium menziesii Herb Rock Garden
Merten's sedge Carex mertensii Herb Meadow
Noble fir Abies procera Tree Forest
Onion (scalloped) Allium crenulatum Herb Rock Garden
Oregon anemone Anemone oregana Herb Meadow
Oregon iris Iris tenax Herb Forest/Meadow
Oregon wood-sorrel Oxalis oregana Herb Forest
Pacific blackberry Rubus ursinus Herb Forest
Pacific bleedingheart Dicentra formosa Herb Forest
Prairie lupine Lupinus lepidus Herb Rock Garden
Queen's cup Clintonia uniflora Herb Forest
Red huckleberry Vaccinium parvifolium Shrub Forest
Rough wallflower Erysimum asperum Herb Rock Garden
Salal Gaultheria shallon Herb Forest
Salmonberry Rubus spectabilis Shrub Forest
Scouler's harebell Campanula scouleri Herb Forest
Sickle-keeled lupine Lupinus albicaulis Herb Meadow
Smith's fairy-bell Disporum smithii Herb Forest
Snow-queen Synthyris reniformis Herb Meadow
Sheeps sorrel Rumex acetosella Herb Meadow
Spreading phlox Phlox diffusa Herb Rock Garden
Star solomon's seal Smilacina stellata Herb Forest/Meadow
Strawberry Fragaria virginiana Herb Meadow
Stream violet Viola glabella Herb Forest/Meadow
Sword fern Polystichum munitum Herb Forest
Thimbleberry Rubus parviflorus Shrub Forest
Tiger lily Lilium columbianum Herb Meadow
Twinflower Linnaea borealis Herb Forest
Vanilla leaf Achlys triphylla Herb Forest
Vine maple Acer circinatum Shrub Forest
Western anenome Anemone deltoidea Herb Forest
False solomon's seal Smilacina racemosa Herb Forest
Western groundsel Senecio interrigerimus exaltatus Herb Rock Garden
Western hemlock Tsuga heterophylla Tree Forest
Western starflower Trientalis latifolia Herb Forest
Western trillium Trillium ovatum Herb Forest
White inside-out-flower Vancouveria hexandra Herb Forest
Woodland beard-tongue Nothochelone nemorosa Herb Forest
Yellow fawn-lily Erythronium grandiflorum Herb Meadow