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Rogue Group Newsletter: Rogue Walker

The ROGUE WALKER  newsletter is on hiatus. Click below for past issues.

Indian Paint Brush

Indian Paint Brush
photo by T. Jacobi

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SOU's CoGen Plan is a BAD IDEA

With the Rogue Walker on hiatus, we will publish news right here on the Website.

Our Air Quality Chair, Bob Palzer, has been leading a challenge to Southern Oregon University's (SOU's) plan to include a Biomass generator when they upgrade the aging, outdated natural gas system which burdens them now.
The links here will take you to PDF files of Bob's comments at two SOU meetings and an OpEd article from the Ashland Daily Tidings January 14, 2015 edition. The same article appeared in the Medford Mail Trbune on January 16, 2015.
A copy of the SOU info file has been included.

Enjoy your read by clicking the links below. To return to this page, just close the PDF file.

November 12, 2014 comments
December 22, 2014 comments
January 16 Mail Tribune Guest Opinion
SOU Cogeneration Plan

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Rogue River

Rogue River near Gold Hill
photo by K. Biechler

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