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Rogue Group Volunteer Information

We are an all-volunteer organization, from our Chair to the Hike Leaders to our newsletter editors. The Rogue Group is very proud of our hardworking volunteers, because without them we wouldn't exist. Volunteer  committees  provide the direction for our work. The Executive Committee (ExCom) is an eleven-member "board" and is elected by Group membership.

Executive Committee (ExCom)

Our board of directors, which sets conservation priorities and approves the business of the Rogue Group. The position is a 2-year term. If you can commit a few hours a month and one meeting a month (we have computer conferencing available) and have an interest in the business side of the club, then this might be for you.

Program Chair

Someone who has the skills to put programs together that interest others so they may come and view, explore, enjoy, and protect our wonderful natural environment. We need someone to organize monthly meetings for the general membership of the Rogue Group and the public. We need someone who can launch publicity campaigns to get people to attend Rogue Group general meetings.

Membership Chair

Someone to encourage people to join the Sierra Club (especially the Rogue Group).

Outings Chair

To reorganize our outings leaders and schedule outings, meeting times, and places.

Political Chair

A person to lead us in campaigns to influence policies and actions by our political representatives at the local, state, and national levels.

Website Manager

Experience with Drupal, html, and css preferred. However, an experienced computer user with exceptional attention to detail and willing to learn would be considered. The Website manager manages the RGSC website for local content, under the general direction of the Chapter Webmaster and maintains our LISTSERVICE. 1-2 hours a month.

In short, we need many people to carry on the traditions of the Rogue Group as active and contributing members of the conservation community that explores, enjoys, and protects the wonderful natural world of Southern Oregon.

Contact any of us listed on the Rogue Group Contacts or come to the Executive Committee meetings held the second Tuesday of every month in the meeting rooms of the Ashland Public Library and volunteer as an active member of the Sierra Club. You will be surprised at the talents you have that the Rogue Group Sierra Club can use.

We cannot continue to exist without you! Please volunteer to work on the many necessary, interesting, and constructive conservation projects here in Southern Oregon and in the Pacific Northwest.

If you are interested in any of these volunteer positions

Or would like to volunteer in a different way, please contact John Sully, ExCom board member at (541) 482-3246 or ANY of the board members listed in the Robue Group Contacts.

Rogue Group Contacts

Volunteer - It feels good!

Mailing Address:

Rogue Group Sierra Club
P.O. Box 727
Ashland, OR 97520