Weatherize for Good

Save Money and Help Build a Clean Energy Future for Oregon

Join Weatherize for Good to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient

Saving energy at home all begins with a home energy assessment to zero in on how energy is wasted in the home. The Oregon Sierra Club has partnered with Weatherize for Good—a collection of community organizations and union contractors committed to guiding homeowners though the myriad of energy savings programs, maintaining high labor standards while providing exceptional quality of work, and protecting the environment, all at the same time.

Weatherize for Good can offer qualifying homeowners...

The approved Weatherize for Good contractors will assess your home, make recommendations, help you implement those recommendations, and can even provide third party quality assessments to identify the work was installed correctly.  This will give you the peace of mind that your home is healthier, more comfortable and saving you money all while make your home more valuable. In addition with every project completed a donation is made to help the Oregon Sierra Club.

So Weatherize for Good is...

We are ready to provide you with a pathway to home comfort and energy efficiency so contact us today for your free assessment.