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Oregon Sierra Club in the Media 2012

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Articles 2012

Coal Train: Fossil fuels make tracks through Oregon

Eugene Weekly - January 19, 2012

A fifth of the mercury pollution in waterways in the Pacific Northwest comes from abroad, Laura Stevens of the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal campaign says. "Climate change pollution, no matter where it's burned, affects us."

Environmental groups voice concerns about plan to replace county payments

The Oregonian - January 23, 2012

In a letter to the lawmakers, the Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club, Oregon Wild and five other groups said the process was a dangerous and a major departure from traditional protections. Shrouding it in darkness prevents the public from clearly understanding what ideas are being considered, the letter said. Other groups signing were: Cascadia Wildland, Coast Range Association, Geos Institute, The Larch Company, and KS Wild.

Weighing the pros and cons of coal

South County Spotlight - January 25, 2012

The Sierra Club created its "Oregon Beyond Coal Campaign," which looks to persuade the state to move towards a cleaner energy economy.

Port of St. Helens approves coal export agreements with two companies

The Oregonian - January 26, 2012

Gov. John Kitzhaber earlier requested "an open, vigorous public debate" before coal export projects move forward, opponents noted. But the agreements were hammered out in secret, said Laura Stevens, organizer with the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign. "We were assured by the governor that this wouldn't happen in the dead of night, and that's exactly what's going on," Stevens said. "We'll keep fighting it every step of the way."

Port moves forward with exploration of coal terminal projects

St Helens Chronicle - February 1, 2012

After more than two hours of public comments, Port of St. Helens commissioners voted in favor of bringing two coal export projects to the Port Westward facility. That decision, which came during the board's Jan. 25 meeting at the Clatskanie Community Center, was reached despite opposition from some area residents and groups like Sierra Club and Columbia Riverkeepers.

Groups offer solution to timber county crisis

Associated Press - February 2, 2012

Oregon Wild, the Sierra Club, Geos Institute, Coast Range Association, Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center and the Larch Company said it's time for a new approach. Instead of just increasing timber production from 2.6 million acres of federal forests known as the O&C lands, they suggest that counties, the state of Oregon, and the federal government share the load.

Waldo Lake engine ban back at hand

The Register-Guard - February 6, 2012

"This lake is very unique," said Bend resident Gretchen Valido, chairwoman of the Juniper Group chapter of the Sierra Club. "Why would we go and spoil the last lake that is so unique in our state?"

Wolf Bill Meets Opposition

Capital Press - February 10, 2012

Ivan Maluski, conservation director for the Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club, said killing wolves might be necessary in rare situations, but the current one doesn't rise to that level. "It is not clear that all available non-lethal means to prevent livestock depredation related to (the Imnaha) pack have been taken," Maluski told the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee.

Sierra Club asks for $20K fee waiver

Coos Bay World - February 16, 2012

Citing the state's Public Records Act, the Sierra Club wants the DA to waive the fee, which is for 2,500 pages of information about proposed coal and liquefied natural gas development plans.'The people of Oregon have a right to know the truth about a project that could contaminate waterways, endanger the local economy and threaten public health by opening Coos Bay to dirty fossil fuel exports," Laura Stevens, the Sierra Club's organizing representative in Oregon, said in a news release.

Oregon GOP pushes logging, Columbia water bills

Associated Press - February 16, 2012

Opponents say Oregon's state forests are already carrying a disproportionate share of the burden for timber production. The measure, House Bill 4098, would throw out a forest management plan that balances ecological, economic and social goals and in favor of the timber industry, said Ivan Maluski, a lobbyist for the Sierra Club.

Sierra Club appeals to D.A. over Port fees

KCBY - February 16, 2012

Laura Stevens, with the Sierra Club of Oregon, says the people of Oregon have the right "to know the truth about a project that could contaminate waterways, endanger the local economy and threaten public health." They have requested information under the Oregon Public Records Act about development plans that could pave the way for coal to be exported from Coos Bay.

DA: Port must waive records' fees

Coos Bay World - February 28, 2012

Coos County District Attorney R. Paul Frasier has ordered the Oregon International Port of Coos Bay to waive $16,666 in attorneys fees it charged the Sierra Club for a roughly 2,500 page public records request.

Fight Over Coos Bay Coal Records Fee Continues

OPB Ecotrope Blog - February 29, 2012

The Coos County District Attorney decided yesterday that the Sierra Club shouldn't have to pay most of a $20,000 fee for accessing public records of coal export proposals at the International Port of Coos Bay.

Sierra Club wins split-decision from Coos County D.A.

KCBY News - February 29, 2012

Laura Stevens, Sierra Club Organizing Representative, responded to the ruling by saying, "The People of Oregon have a right to know the truth and this decision will help to inform us of the Port of Coos Bay's intentions."

Coal is coming to Port of St. Helens

Coast River Business Journal - February 29, 2012

Environmental groups such Columbia Riverkeeper and the Sierra Club cautioned during the public hearing that neither company has delivered on promises made regarding other coal projects

DA waives Sierra Club's fees

Coos Bay World - March 1, 2012

The Sierra Club said it is happy with Frasier's decision, calling it a "victory for transparency." In a news release, Laura Stevens, Sierra Club Organizing Representative, said: "For too long, the Port of Coos Bay has withheld information regarding their plans to develop coal and liquefied natural gas export facilities at the Port, hosting backroom discussions with big out-of-state fossil fuel interests. "The people of Oregon have a right to know the truth, and today's decision will help to inform us of the Port of Coos Bay's intentions."

Groups call for changes to Oregon trapping laws

Associated Press - March 11, 2012

Conservation and animal protection groups are calling for new restrictions on trappers, including a requirement to keep traps and snares more than 100 feet from trails on public land. The petition also was backed by Predator Defense, the Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club, the Audubon Society of Portland and Cascadia Wildlands.

State urged to tighten clamps on wildlife trappers

Medford Mail Tribune - March 11, 2012

A string of animal-welfare and conservation groups want tighter wildlife trapping restrictions, particularly on public land near trails, to protect pets and other animals from getting captured and killed.Along with the Humane Society, the petition was co-signed by Predator Defense, the Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club, the Audubon Society of Portland and Cascadia Wildlands. It was hand- delivered Friday to the commission, said Michelle Dennehy, ODFW's Wildlife Division spokeswoman.

Port appeals coal fees decision

Coos Bay World - March 17, 2012

The Sierra Club filed the records request for roughly 2,500 pages of documents pertaining to the port's coal export facility. The port determined many of those documents are protected by confidentiality agreements, and require an attorney to redact confidential information before they can be released and charged the Sierra Club roughly $20,000 to fulfill the request.

Court battle over coal exports intensifies

The Register Guard - March 28, 2012

But Eugene attorney Dave Bahr, who represents the Sierra Club in the public records matter, said that's not a valid argument for withholding government documents. Bahr said the Sierra Club would fight the port's Circuit Court appeal. "We intend to litigate this and we're pretty confident about the outcome," he said.

Oregonians Protest Coal Exports

KEZI TV (Eugene ABC affiliate) - April 9, 2012

"Oregon really has led the way in the nation towards building a clean energy economy and promoting clean air and clean water in healthy communities, and this is a major step in the wrong direction," said Sierra Club Beyond Coal Campaign Organizer Laura Stevens.

Should coal trains pass through Salem?

Salem Statesman Journal - April 9, 2012

"The Port of Coos Bay and the coal companies are trying their hardest to keep the public in the dark about that proposal," said Laura Stevens, of the Sierra Club. These projects would impact the lives of people very drastically," Stevens said. "We just want to know what's going on."

Protesters take concerns over coal exports to state Capitol

South County Spotlight, April 11 2012

More than 100 people visited the Oregon State Capitol Monday to voice concerns about plans to export ... including Columbia Riverkeeper and the Sierra Club. "We'd like to see a clear plan from Gov. Kitzhaber for a robust public debate," said Laura Stevens of the Sierra Club. "So we can know more about what these projects actually are."

"Bag It Corvallis" Campaign Heads to OSU

KEZI News - April 17, 2012

"Plastic is causing problems to the natural world, and we need to find ways of moving towards more sustainable options," said Vice Chair Debra Higbee-Sudyka with the Marys Peak Group of the Sierra Club.

EPA wants full review of Ore. coal export project

Seattle Times - April 17, 2012

Taken together, they could mean at least about 100 million tons of coal shipped per year to Asia, and environmental groups such as Climate Solutions, Sierra Club, Columbia Riverkeeper and others want regulators to weigh the bigger picture of moving so much coal through communities in the West.

Mayoral Debate on the Environment

Portland Mercury - April 18, 2012

Put on by the Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club, Oregon Environmental Council and the Oregon League of Conservation Voters and moderated by OPB's April Baer, the evening debate drew in a hefty crowd of 200 or so folks.

Mayoral candidates dodge jabs on environmental issues

Portland Tribune - April 18, 2012

Smith, Brady and the third top contender Charlie Hales debated environmental issues at Benson High School in a campaign forum sponsored by the Sierra Club, Oregon League of Conservation Voters and Oregon Environmental Council.

Portland Mayoral Candidates Debate Coal Exports

OPB Ecotrope Blog - April 18, 2012

Three candidates for Portland mayor debated environmental issues last night at Benson Polytechnic High School. It was a fast-paced event that pushed former city commissioner Charlie Hales, New Seasons co-founder Eileen Brady and east Portland state legislator Jefferson Smith to think on their feet, give yes or no answers and query each other.

Corvallis Plastic Bag Ban May Be Voluntary

KEZI News - May 7, 2012

If the city doesn't enforce the ordinance, it's not going to be followed and there will still be plastic in our environment. There will be plastic on the beaches here in Oregon," said Debra Higbee-Sudyka of the Mary's Peak Group of the Sierra Club.

RFK Jr. leads anti-coal rally in Portland

Associated Press and KGW - May 7, 2012

Columbia Riverkeepers, the Sierra Club, Climate Solutions and Greenpeace are sponsoring the rally and fighting a half-dozen proposals to ship coal from Montana and Wyoming to Asia through Northwest ports.

Dust in the wind?

Portland Tribune - May 17, 2012

Environmentalists are alarmed by six coal export proposals at Northwest ports

"We have a huge responsibility to make sure that this coal doesn't come through here," says Laura Stevens, Portland organizer for Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign.

Oregon Board of Forestry agrees to highlight conservation areas in state forests

The Oregonian - July 27, 2012

Oregon's Board of Forestry voted 4-2 today to authorize labeling state forest swaths that are already largely logging-free as "high value conservation areas." Environmental and fishing groups see it as a first step toward more firm protection of critical salmon and steelhead streams, recreation areas and tracts with older trees valuable to wildlife.

Areas that could ultimately see stronger protection include Kings Mountain, a popular hiking spot in the Tillamook State Forest, and fish habitat along the Salmonberry River, the Sierra Club says.

Advocates say Oregon regulators should shut down PacifiCorp on coal costs

The Oregonian - August 22, 2012

"At this point we're concerned that PacifiCorp is trying to bill Oregon ratepayers for the cost of keeping its dirty, out-of-state coal plants open longer," said Ivan Maluski, conservation director at the Sierra Club's Oregon chapter. "It will be better for ratepayers if we make the transition (away from coal) sooner than later."

Areas that could ultimately see stronger protection include Kings Mountain, a popular hiking spot in the Tillamook State Forest, and fish habitat along the Salmonberry River, the Sierra Club says.

Portland Council passes fluoridation measure

Portland Business Journal - September 12, 2012

"The city really rushed this decision and didn't even have the time to consider all the impacts," said Jeff Fryer, chairman of the Columbia Group of the Oregon Chapter Sierra Club. "This is an issue the public deserves the right to carefully consider and then vote on."

Warrenton LNG terminal boils down to safety vs. jobs

The Daily Astorian - October 16, 2012

"I think we all know this is not the climate we grew up in," said Ted Gleichman, co-chairman of the Oregon chapter of Sierra Club's anti-LNG  effort. He said that renewable energy, which creates more local jobs, is ready for prime time.

Coal export meeting in Portland draws a crowd of about 800

The Oregonian - December 6, 2012

Coal-export foes, including many bused in from Salem and Hood River, appeared to outnumber supporters at the meeting, DEQ's last before considering whether to issue draft permits by the end of February. Many wore red t-shirts emblazoned with the Sierra Club campaign's slogan, "Beyond Coal Exports."

Coal export hearing draws hundreds in Portland

KGW - December 7, 2012

Hundreds turned out at a Department of Environmental Quality public hearing Thursday night to speak out against a plan that would ship coal through Washington and Oregon. The Sierra Club, Columbia Riverkeeper and other environmental groups oppose the plan.