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Questions and Answers

Who is SunRun?

SunRun is a national solar power company that makes solar affordable for everyone by dramatically lowering the out of pocket cost for a residential solar power system. They also increase the value of your solar investment by providing 20 years of monitoring, maintenance, repair, and an annual cashback performance warranty.

Their program in Oregon is often referred to as a residential PPA (power purchase agreement). SunRun is the number one solar provider in the US, and over 90% of systems in 2012 use 3rd party options, like SunRun.

What are my options at the end of the 20-year SunRun agreement?

At the end of 20 years you have three options:

What if my roof needs to be replaced soon?

The Energy Trust of Oregon requires 10-years of remaining roof life to approve the installation of a PV system. If your roof has less than 10-years of remaining roof life we recommend at least re-roofing the portion of your roof where the solar will go.

Will I work with Imagine Energy or RS Energy?

RS Energy focuses their service offerings on FIT solar installations, which enroll in October and March of each year. Imagine Energy will serve customers for SunRun solar PV and Solar+ options, like Geothermal, Radiant, Heat Pump Water Heaters, and Solar Thermal.

What Will I learn from an Energy Analysis?

Imagine Energy has experience with all types of energy upgrade options, and can give you an objective assessment of which option will best serve your needs. The analysis is free of charge, and leaves you a customized, prioritized action list, with estimated costs, rebates, and savings.